Close more business with our AI fuelled
sales systems.

Leads slipping through the cracks? Sales teams overworked trying to qualify and close new business? A CRM and pipeline that's not performing the way you need it to? If that sounds like you, we can help.

End-to-end Sales Systems utilising AI

Skip the hassle and cost of recruiting a bigger team and harness the efficiency of AI - we replace
conventional systems and costly agencies with one time setup fee and easy to manage monthly management.

The perfect solution for startups and businesses looking to scale without huge costs.


Get the answers when you need them from a team of experts that work as your extended team.

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Sales Funnels

Campaign specific funnels and landing pages built around your ideal client, designed to convert.

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Tracking & Analytics

Track your clients every move, use the data to launch low cost retargeting campaigns.

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Bespoke AI Solutions

Let us build you custom solutions designed to save you time and make you more money.

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CRM Build & Management

Increase your close rate overnight with our bespoke CRM build and setup designed to nurture your leads.

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Lead Management

Get personal with every lead, any time and any day of the week, no more unqualified leads.

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AI Voice Agents

Automate your outbound and inbound calls with our custom AI voice agents that do all the heavy lifting for you.

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AI Chat Agents

Capture valuable lead data, onboard new clients and so much more with our AI chat agents.

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30 days

Average build time

5 X

Average ROI


Happy clients


Leads qualified

Solutions that stand the test of time

Most of our clients are great at generating leads, but don't have the system in place to effectively manage the leads they bring in.

Using AI we replace manual staff hours and automate a huge amount of lead qualification. Not only will you be able to manage more leads every month as well as closing more leads but the time spent doing it will be significantly reduced.

How it works!

Say goodbye to the lengthy onboarding processes associated with agencies. Simply book in your demo call and we'll walk you through our simple proces.
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Demo Call

Book in your demo call, we'll find out if what we do is a good fit for your business, we'll also walk you through our pricing model and find out more about your current setup.



Once we know we can help you and you're happy to proceed you'll be onboarded into our Slack chanel where you'll meet the team. This is where we provide updates to you ongoing.


Build timeline

Based on our discovery call together we'll build a build timeline around the current setup you have and our systems ensuring we can seamlessly integrate into your business.


Build & integration

Once approved, the team will get to work, updating you every step of the way and working alongside you inside our Slack channel.

What our clients
are saying

Jack Cottrell

Business Manager

"Unorthodox have helped us with our internal processes and systems helping us better understand our data and campaign analytics at a much higher level using AI and custom systems."


CEO/Founder BuyAssociation

"Working with Unorthodox has allowed our team to focus on building relationships with clients, automating what previously took us hours each day and cost us a large amount of money each month"

Eben van der Walt

Owner at Portmore Dental

"Unorthodox has given us back quality time with our patients, automating our new client booking system and new customer enquiries, our front of house team now build human relationships rather than answer the phone all day."

Next steps

3 Month build time
limited availability

What's included?

Work with Unorthodox on one time fee and (exclusive pricing) management package.


Initial discovery workshop
CRM build & automations
Complete sales system setup and build
Deliverable/solution roadmap
Full time project manager
Full time developer, build team
Sales workflow management
Automated email & SMS
Complete setup and integration
Bespoke strategy plan
Book your call today
Leave your card at home.

This is purely a discovery call, not a sales call, we need to make sure we can help you before we proceed with anything.

Is your busiess a good fit?

If your business has any of these problems, it's highly likely Unorthodox can help you.
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Poor lead management

If leads are being left 1-2 days without any intial contact, or you have no real structure in your sales process or systems.

Low conversion rate

If you have leads coming in but struggle to convert a good number into paying clients with your current sales system.

Long sales process

If you're generating leads and closing business but your sales process is long and has multiple client touchpoints that are currently manual and slow.

asked questions

We understand that when considering our services, you may have specific queries and concerns. That's why we have curated a collection of frequently asked questions.

How do you help us exactly?

We help our clients by stepping into their business consulting on their current lead generation and management system and advising and building a better system backed by experience and data. Our goal is to save you time, increase conversion rate and pre qualify your leads as much as we can, we take the pressure off your team and make you more money in the process.

What platforms do you use?

We use our own platform when it comes to building your CRM, all automations and pipelines are managed inside the platform, your team will have full access and training on how to use the platform.

If you would prefer to use your existing tech stack we ca build and integrate into any CRM (Hubspot etc)

How will you know what to build for us?

Our process is simple and our discovery workshop allows us to deep dive into what's working and what's not working inside your sales process. Our team of experts will then build a timeline of deliverables and start implementing our systems into your business.

How quickly will we see results?

Most clients will see both time saving results and improved lead quality within the first 14 days of having their new system live. This depends on the amount of leads being generated and the type of business you operate.

Who will I be working with?

You will have a dedicated account manager that you deal with directly on a regular basis, you will also have contact with the integration team who will work closely with you showing you how to operate the system and making changes around your feedback and requirements.